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International Boxer Bob Sapp and Eisa Al Dah visit


Dubai: January 30th 2012

Dubai Autism Center welcomed renowned International boxer Bob Sapp alias "The Beast" and Eisa Al Dah "The Warrior" who spent time meeting the students at the center after a presentation about Autism given by Sara Ahmad Baker Ė Community Service Unit Head at the center. The boxers 'presence' at the center was immense not just in personality but in stature, this didn't put the children off and they weren't frightened, in fact they enjoyed playful banter with both huge boxers and at 1 point playing games on one of the visitors i-phone.

The visit highlights ways in which celebrities and in particular sporting celebrities support the center focusing on encouraging the students to be involved in competitive sports and joining community run tournaments. This raises awareness about Autism within the community and focuses on talents shown by the students. Sara Ahmad Baker said "Encouraging the students from DAC to be involved in sporting activities is not only 1 way of being healthy but also promotes being competitive in tournaments and offers the students a forum to achieve alongside peers of their own age."

Dubai International Boxing Championship a yearly event organized by EMD Sports Services, this year have chosen Dubai Autism Center to be their charity partner with all proceeds from the sale of tickets will go to DAC. The DIBC 2012 is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 2nd February at The Aviation Club-Dubai from 7:30pm till midnight.

Dubai Autism Centre (DAC) is a non-profit organization providing information, support, advice and training to professionals and parents of children with Autism. Founded in November 2001 with the issuance of a decree from H.H. Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the DAC is focused on providing various services for children with Autism and their families. The Centre also works toward facilitating a better community understanding of autism, including early diagnosis and treatment methodology.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong neurological developmental disorder. ASD usually affects the personís verbal and social communication skills. The incidence of Autism is increasing world wide with a 400% rise in the diagnosis of Autism in the last decade. One out of every 91 children is affected by ASD.



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